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Jake helped students “chill” over their final exams

Jake Poster Spring

On Monday-Wednesday morning this week, retired Milligan College Biology Professor Julia Wade returned to the Library with Jake, her certified therapy dog, to help students relax over their impending or completed final exams. Jake was last here during Fall Final Exam Week. And once again, he was a hit with students.

When Jake first arrived on Monday morning, Mary Jackson, our Research and Instruction Librarian called out: “Jake is in the building!” and a bunch of students immediately got up from their study tables and streamed into the Welshimer Room. One student said later she thought she had done poorly on one of her finals, but after spending ten minutes with Jake she said she felt much better. Another student tweeted: “Therapy dogs should come to the library every day,” and included an Instagram photo of Jake. One of our library student workers wasn’t able to come visit with Jake. “I was so sad to have missed him!”

That’s quite an endorsement. Thank you so much Jake and Professor Wade for taking the time to visit with us!


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